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February 19 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Feb. 19th, 2022

Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm (range)

Location: Location provided via email

Phone: 520-886-8338

Course Fee:

Note: Please bring your receipt, whether paper copy from in store, or electronic PayPal copy, with you to class.

First and Last Name:

Phone Number:

Course Cancellation Policy Reminder:
  • If a student notifies us at least 72 hours prior to the start of their course, the student may cancel for a full refund or reschedule to an alternate available course date with no rescheduling fee.
  • If a student notifies us between 24 and 72 hours prior to the start of their course, no refund will be issued, but the student may reschedule to an alternate available course date by paying a $15 rescheduling fee.
  • If a student notifies us less than 24 hours prior to the start of their course, or fails to attend their course, no refund will be issued, and the student may not reschedule to an alternate available course date without paying the full registration fee again.

Course Information

The Combative Carbine LVL2 course is approximately 4 hours of instruction focusing on manipulation between a primary (carbine) and secondary (handgun) weapon utilization. This course enlightens the skills necessary for deployment of a two weapon system. Following our crawl, walk, run training methodology, this course covers defensive shooting tactics that include shooting from the kneeling and prone positions. Students should be aware that this course does involve movements and should make instructors aware of any physical disabilities. At the end of this course students will match foot work with firearm skill.



 Intro to Carbine AND Everyday Carry (Handgun Lvl 2)

Must be lawfully allowed to train with firearms. 

What This Course Covers

  • Speed/tactical reloads and malfunction drills
  • Transition from primary to secondary drills
  • Timed ready up drills, multiple target engagements, turn and shoot drills (foot work)
  • Shooting position transition drills
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Ground Fighting with a Carbine / prone, kneeling, standing, supported and unsupported
  • Moving and shooting, introduction to team movements and communication
  • Stress drills

Required Gear:

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Note taking material
  • Carbine type rifle WITH sling, HANDGUN with Holster
  • 400 rounds of Rifle ammunition, and 200 rounds of Pistol ammunition
  • At least 4 rifle magazines, and 2 rifle magazine pouches/ At least 2 pistol magazines, and 1 pistol magazine pouch
  • Optics (red dot or magnified) and/OR back up iron sights
  • Range appropriate attire for an Arizona outdoor range, sunscreen, and ball cap are encouraged
  • WATER, snacks or a lunch

Our Instructors

A US Army 82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Infantryman, and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran (2008-2009), I also spend as much time as possible outside hunting and fishing. Having countless hours training with multiple weapon platforms from crew served weapons to pistols, and having trained military, law enforcement, and civilians. We are constantly updating our training curriculum, making Diamondback an ideal training environment for individuals from every walk of life.


-NRA Certifications: Refuse to be A Victim Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Inside and Outside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
-Arizona Department of Public Safety, Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Instructor
-Arizona Game and Fish Hunter Education Volunteer Instructor
-Sabre Red OC Spray Instructor
-ASP Baton, Handcuffing, and Flashlight Tactics Instructor
-CPR Certified

A Former US Marine, Roan Grimm has dedicated his life to the study of the grim realities of violent close combat.  With 35+ years of martial arts, the past 27 of which have been focused on the weapon intensive Filipino martial arts (arnis/eskrima/kali) and WWII era American combatives (scientific dirty fighting). With over 125 real contact stick fights with the world renown Dog Brothers, Grimm has tested the theories of actual fighting with impact weapons at a level few can approach.


Email: Training@dbackshootingsports.com


-NRA certified RSO, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor
-Guro (black belt equivalent) in Nitullama silat as well as Dog Brothers Martial Arts
-Ma’a Guro in Sub3 American Kali, and Full Dog Brother – “Poi Dog”
-AZ DPS certified Unarmed Guard Instructor
-Creator of ADEPT personal security program

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19 Feb

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Saturday @ 11:00 am Location provided via email
Tucson, AZ United States


February 19
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Diamondback Private Range
Location provided via email
Tucson, AZ United States


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