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Course Information

Our Handgun level 2 courses focus on everyday carry either from concealment or open carry.

Everyday Defensive Carry (EDC); Designed for concealed carry defensive shooting techniques, this course challenges students to apply fundamental manipulations of handguns; i.e., loading, unloading, reloading, and malfunctions. Defensive shooting drills include after actions, and cognitive processing under stress.

Close combat and ground fighting; Statistically speaking, most defensive shoots are within 3-7 yards, are extremely fast paced, and extremely violent. This course has a classroom portion of training that mimics real altercations, challenges the 21 ft rule, and includes defensive tactics covering open hand, knife, and firearms. We highlight the importance of weapon retention and weapon access in the classroom portion of training. The range portion covers the practical applications of these skills.

Handgun Vehicle Operations; Weapon access inside a vehicle is widely over looked and under-trained. This course covers defensive tactics in and around vehicles, for when all other defensive techniques have failed.

Close Quarter Battle 2; Taking what we have learned from the home defense course, we now begin walking through our homes or public buildings. Students will leave with the defensive/offensive live fire practical skills needed to enter into or defend rooms and hallways.




Check course descriptions for PREREQUISITES


Must be lawfully allowed to train with firearms.

Courses have a student minimum of 3 and maximum of 8

What this course covers

  • Safe Gun Handling skills for Concealed Carry and Open Carry applications
  • Holster options and selection
  • Ammunition options and selection
  • Mental Conditioning / Mindset, and proper planning
  • After action drills
  • Drawing from the Holster / Drawing from Concealment
  • Accuracy VERSUS speed
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Malfunction drills
  • Loading, Reloading / Tactical and Emergency Reloads
  • Footwork
  • Following through the threat
  • One-Hand / Off-Hand shooting
  • Required Gear:
  • Note taking material -optional-
    Eye / Hearing Protection (Electronic Hearing Protection strongly encouraged)
    Handgun of .380 ACP or greater caliber (No single action “cowboy” guns)
    Concealed carry holster, and/or Open carry holster (Purses, Cross-Draw and Small-of-Back rigs ARE permissible)
    Highly advise against soft/collapsible holsters.
    At least 3 mags and 1 mag pouch, 2 speed loaders for revolvers
    Ammunition count varies on course, 200-300 rounds of fmj target ammunition
    Water / snacks / bag lunch for full training day
    Sunscreen and weather appropriate attire for outdoor private range.

Our Instructors

A US Army 82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Infantryman, and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran (2008-2009), I also spend as much time as possible outside hunting and fishing. Having countless hours training with multiple weapon platforms from crew served weapons to pistols, and having trained military, law enforcement, and civilians. We are constantly updating our training curriculum, making Diamondback an ideal training environment for individuals from every walk of life.



-NRA Certifications: Refuse to be A Victim Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Inside and Outside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
-Arizona Department of Public Safety, Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Instructor
-California POST Instructor
-Sabre Red OC Spray Instructor
-ASP Baton, Handcuffing, and Flashlight Tactics Instructor
-CPR Certified

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