Course Information

Day one consists of 3-4 hours of classroom presentation covering different types of optics, trajectory, bullet coefficient, marksmanship fundamentals, safety rules, range estimation, reading wind values, and range commands between shooters and spotter. On day two students will have the knowledge necessary for engaging targets out to 500 meters.

The practical course of fire consists of confirming the rifle zero (>100M), continued by engaging targets in the prone position (200M-500M), then challenges shooters further by allowing them to ‘spot’ for others, and engage targets utilizing multiple body positions. Students are welcome to utilize any long rifle caliber, whether in a carbine style rifle or a bolt action rifle.

Students may utilize iron sights but optics with magnification or red dot optics are STRONGLY suggested.





Must be lawfully allowed to train with firearms.

What this course covers

  • Parallax versus parallax free optics, first focal plane versus second focal plane magnification assemblies, reticle types
  • Difference between MIL and MOA
  • Hold-off techniques for wind-age and elevation
  • Range estimation
  • DOPE (Description of personal equipment/Description of previous engagements)
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Specific caliber selection, trajectory, bullet coefficient, and types of cartridges
  • Body positions
  • Cycle of function for specific long rifles
  • Dry-fire drills for long rifles

This course is NOT the correct pre-requisite for Intermediate Carbine

Required gear:

Chamber flag
Eye and ear protection
Note taking material in classroom and on range
Range appropriate clothing (closed toe shoes, regular neck cut t-shirt)
MINIMUMof 120 rounds
Water and snacks

Our Instructors

A US Army Airborne Infantryman, and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, Ben also completed US Army Sniper school, Combat Lifesaver course, and has numerous hours working and training other service members on the live fire range. Ben is an avid hunter and sportsman.

-NRA Certifications: Refuse to be A Victim Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Inside and Outside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
-Arizona DPS Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Instructor
-Arizona Game and Fish Hunter Education Instructor
-Sabre OC Spray Instructor
-CPR Certified

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