No PrerequisiteAge: 18 & older

Course Information

The Introduction to Carbine LVL1 course is a 4-5 hour, introductory level rifle training course, tailored to contemporary semi-automatic rifles (The AR-15, FN-FAL, AK-47, AK-74). This Course begins in the classroom with discussion about rifle selection, functionality, barrel twist rates, trajectory, optics, and accuracy. We then move to the range for instruction on zeroing, defensive tactics and rates of fire, followed by malfunction drills, finalized with an introduction to combative carbine utilization.

** SUMMER HOURS: Day one is the classroom portion, and day two the range portion.**





This course has a student minimum of 3 and a student maximum of 8

Must be lawfully allowed to train with firearms. Rental carbines are available at NO extra cost, email Training@dbackshootingsports.com to arrange a rental gun. 

What this course covers

  • Introduction to the semi-automatic rifle
  • Firearms Safety and Safe Gun Handling techniques
  • Firearms maintenance, assembly and disassembly, safe storage
  • Features and function of rifle components, cycle of function
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Zeroing
  • Loading, Reloading, Unloading
  • Malfunctions / Immediate Actions and Remedial Actions
  • Body position and priority of movement manipulation
  • Slow-Fire for Accuracy, defensive shooting, introduction to ready up drills
  • Sight over bore at various distances

Required Gear:

Appropriate semi-automatic Rifle or Carbine WITH sling
Eye and Ear Protection
Note-taking material for classroom instruction
Minimum of 200 rounds of target ammunition, at least 2 magazines, and 1 magazine pouch

Recommended Gear:

Ball cap with brim
Sturdy footwear (NO open-toed shoes or sandals)
Appropriate Attire for Arizona training on outdoor private range
Water and snacks/bag lunch for the training day

Our Instructors

A US Army Airborne Infantryman, and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, Ben also completed US Army Sniper school, Combat Lifesaver course, and has numerous hours working and training other service members on the live fire range. Ben is an avid hunter and sportsman.

-NRA Certifications: Refuse to be A Victim Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Inside and Outside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
-Arizona DPS Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Instructor
-Arizona Game and Fish Hunter Education Instructor
-Sabre OC Spray Instructor
-ASP Baton, Handcuffing, and Flashlight Tactics Instructor
-CPR Certified

Former US Marine, Roan Grimm has dedicated his life to the study of the grim realities of violent close combat.  With 35+ years of martial arts, the past 27 of which have been focused on the weapon intensive Filipino martial arts (arnis/eskrima/kali) and WWII era American combatives (scientific dirty fighting). With over 125 real contact stick fights with the world renown Dog Brothers, Grimm has tested the theories of actual fighting with impact weapons at a level few can approach.

-Guro (black belt equivalent) in Nitullama silat
-Guro in Dog Brothers Martial Arts
-Ma’a Guro in Sub3 American Kali
-Full Dog Brother – “Poi Dog”
-Creator of ADEPT personal security program

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4 Oct
INTRO TO CARBINE LVL1 10/04-10/05/2019

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Friday @ 4:00 pm 7030 E. Broadway
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18 Nov

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Monday @ 8:00 am 7030 E. Broadway
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3 Dec

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