Course Information

Our Carbine level 2 courses focus on the ‘walk’ portion of our training methodology, ‘crawl, walk, run’.

Combative Carbine 2; Our level 2 carbine course focuses on utilizing a carbine as a primary weapon system, with a handgun as a secondary weapon. We cover malfunction drills, transitioning to/from the handgun, turn and shoot drills, and much more.

Close combat and ground fighting; Statistically speaking, most defensive shoots are within 3-7 yards, are extremely fast-paced, and extremely violent. This course has a classroom portion of training that mimics real altercations, challenges the 21 ft rule, and includes defensive tactics covering open hand, knife, and firearms (Handgun/Carbine). We highlight the importance of weapon retention and weapon access in the classroom portion of training. The range portion covers the practical applications of these skills.

Carbine Vehicle Operations 2; Weapon retention and weapon access inside a vehicle are widely overlooked and under-trained. This course covers defensive tactics in and around vehicles, for when all other defensive measures have failed.

Close Quarter Battle 2; Taking what we have learned from the home defense course, we now begin walking through our homes or public buildings. Students will leave with the defensive/offensive live fire practical skills needed to move through buildings.



 Introduction to Carbine LVL1, Everyday Carry/Handgun Lvl2

 NOTE: This course has a student minimum of 3 and student maximum of 6

Must be lawfully allowed to train with firearms. 

What This Course Covers

  • Speed/tactical reloads and Malfunction drills
  • Timed ready up drills, multiple target engagements, turn and shoot drills
  • 1-Handed weapon manipulation, non-dominate shooting skills
  • Use of cover and concealment, barricades, sight over bore,
  • Ground Fighting with a Carbine / prone, kneeling, standing, supported and unsupported
  • Moving and shooting, introduction to team movements and communication
  • Stress drills, transitions to the pistol

Required Gear:

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Note taking material
  • Carbine type rifle WITH sling
  • 600 rounds of rifle ammunition, 200 rounds of pistol ammunition (Course specific)
  • At least 4 rifle magazines, and 2 rifle magazine pouches/ At least 2 pistol magazines, and 1 pistol magazine
  • Optics (red dot or magnified) and/OR back up iron sights
  • Range appropriate attire for an Arizona outdoor range, sunscreen, and ball cap are encouraged
  • WATER, snacks or a lunch

Our Instructors

A US Army 82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Infantryman, and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran (2008-2009), I also spend as much time as possible outside hunting and fishing. Having countless hours training with multiple weapon platforms from crew served weapons to pistols, and having trained military, law enforcement, and civilians. I organized Diamondback Training Center’s teaching methodology following Murphy’s law, and taking equal portions of military, law enforcement, and civilian training environments to give our students the best experience possible.


-NRA Certifications: Refuse to be A Victim Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Inside and Outside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
-Arizona Department of Public Safety, Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Instructor
-Arizona Game and Fish Hunter Education Volunteer Instructor
-Sabre Red OC Spray Instructor
-ASP Baton, Handcuffing, and Flashlight Tactics Instructor
-CPR Certified

A Former US Marine, Roan Grimm has dedicated his life to the study of the grim realities of violent close combat.  With 35+ years of martial arts, the past 27 of which have been focused on the weapon intensive Filipino martial arts (arnis/eskrima/kali) and WWII era American combatives (scientific dirty fighting). With over 125 real contact stick fights with the world renown Dog Brothers, Grimm has tested the theories of actual fighting with impact weapons at a level few can approach.


Email: Roan.Grimm@grimmrealitiesacademy.com


-Guro (black belt equivalent) in Nitullama silat
-Guro in Dog Brothers Martial Arts
-Ma’a Guro in Sub3 American Kali
-Full Dog Brother – “Poi Dog”
-Creator of ADEPT personal security program

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